Our Koré (Korai) collection is inspired by a recent pilgrimage to the gorgeous landscape of Crete!

We fell in love with this land... the people, the food, its wildly beautiful coastline and of course her antiquities...

Once the seat of Europe’s most ancient civilisation, the museums of Crete document a rich history, from the Neanderthal period right up to the 20th century... and this time it was the ceramics and jewellery of the Minoans that captured our hearts. In fact, it was in the museum of Heraklion that we came upon a statue of Koré... the “beautiful maiden” and daughter of Zeus and Demeter who is also better known as known as Persephone, the goddess of spring...

We named our Spring Summer 2018 Collection in her honour. 


Photography by Samuel Nolan

Muse Ruby Campbell

Video by Claudia Rose

H&M Angie Barton