Capella Pyrite Necklace with Gold Arrowhead

The Capella Pyrite Necklace with Gold Arrowhead is a delicate beaded combination of Pyrite and 18k Gold Vermeil that symmetrically links in the centre with an hand carved gold arrowhead. Native Americans have long believed that wearing a arrowhead, as a talisman around your neck, was a symbol of protection, courage and strength. They also believed that the arrowhead protected them from illness and acted as a guard against the Evil Eye.

As a gemstone, Pyrite is used as a unique protector that draws the energy from the Earth all through the physical body and lays it into the aura and creates a defensive shield that protects against the negative powers, ambiance pollutants, physical harm and emotional attack.

MAX LENGTH: 48cm, can also be worn at 43cm 
ELEMENT: Ethical Sterling Silver
FINISH: 18K Gold Vermeil
PENDANT: 9 x 15mm x 4mm Gold Vermeil flags

Supplied in luxury Temple of the Sun wallet and gift box

All of our Jewellery is hand finished according to the highest standard and our craftsman are certified to meet global standards in environmental management, social responsibility, and workplace safety.

Our gold Vermeil is tested to 2.5 micron 18K gold over a base of 925 Sterling Silver ensuring a durable and long lasting lustre.