Lotus Necklace Gold

This beautiful necklace recreates the Lotus symbol of purity with a chrysophase stone, representative of abundance of love & prosperity, deep healing, divine truth and connection to nature. Chrysoprase brings through the vibration of Divine Truth... and promotes joy, happiness, abundance and prosperity... while healing the heart of energies of depression and anxiety. This delicate Gold Vermiel dotted chian hold the lotus Chrysoprase at the center of your chest.

Chrysoprase brings through the vibration of Divine Truth, and promotes joy and happiness, while healing the heart of energies of depression and anxiety. It has metaphysical properties for healing as well as being a stone to attract new love and abundance and prosperity.

CHIAN: 90cmlong dotti chain lobster clasp 
ELEMENT: Ethical Sterling Silver
FINISH:18K Gold Vermeil
PENDANT: 25mmx12mm 

Supplied in luxury Temple of the Sun wallet and gift box

All of our Jewellery is hand finished according to the highest standard and our craftsman are certified to meet global standards in environmental management, social responsibility, and workplace safety.

Our 18K gold Vermeil is tested to 2.5 micron thick over a base of 925 Sterling Silver ensuring a durable and long lasting lustre.