Coin Necklaces

Temple of the Sun coin pendant necklaces. Hand-crafted in solid gold, vermeil and sterling silver with archetypal symbols and precious gemstones. Explore our collection of coin necklaces for everyday, layering and statement styles.

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Jewellery inspired by the allure of antiquity and ancient craft.
Gold Vermeil Necklaces

Gold Vermeil Necklaces

Solid Gold Necklaces

The History of Coin Jewellery

Coin jewellery is a classic staple, from bracelets and rings to earrings and necklaces, coins are an unexpected, but beautiful accessory. But, did you know coin jewellery has an ancient history? Read on to learn about the history of coin jewellery and our favourite styling tips for layering and stacking

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Symbolic Coin Necklaces

Each of our coin pendants carries profound archetypal symbols, infusing every piece with meaning and significance. These timeless symbols hold the key to a deeper connection with the past, the world around us, and ourselves.

Gemstone Coin Necklaces

Adorning these captivating coin pendants are precious gemstones, radiating with brilliance. The vibrant colours of these precious gemstones are alluring in their natural beauty and bring us closer to the ancients who revered them for their perceived mystical properties.

Coin Necklaces for Layering

Whether you seek a refined piece to wear every day, desire a layered look to express your individuality, or crave a statement piece, our diverse collection of coin necklaces effortlessly speaks to each kind of wearer.

Consciously Crafted Coin Necklaces:

Our skilled artisans use a blend of ancient and modern techniques of hand-craftsmanship, ensuring every detail is meticulously perfected. The result is a masterpiece that transcends time and trends.