Temple of the Sun jewellery is designed in our Byron Bay headquarters by founder Yonna Derofe. The Temple design ethos is rooted in a profound appreciation for ancient craftsmanship, archetypal symbolism, and contemporary design, translating into modern ancient heirlooms that transcend time and trend. 

Ethically Crafted Jewellery

Our commitment to crafting with integrity lies at the core of Temple's founding principles, reflecting a deep reverence for the natural world and its finite resources. Temple takes great care to ethically source its materials, creating jewellery that is not only beautiful but also nurtures powerful sentimental connections. Our demi-fine collection of sterling silver and 18K gold vermeil jewellery is consciously crafted in a closed-loop production cycle, in our accredited Thailand studio.

All solid 9K, 14K and 18K gold pieces made in our Byron Bay studio are ethically sourced and accredited by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). Our supplier is able to trace the entire life cycle of the gold from primary refining in conflict-free areas to the processing of the material. Unlike conventional refining practicices, our gold is refined through a system called Acidless Separation (ALS) refinement, where no harsh chemicals are used. ALS is the world’s most environmentally responsible refining technology, relying on vacuum distillation instead of acids to separate gold from other alloys.


The demi-fine offering is the original embodiment of the Temple ethos, reimagining ancient archetypes and symbology into modern, accessible pieces for today. Imbued with meaning and significance, these pieces prioritise the wearer’s desire for self-expression, centred on biannual releases inspired by geographical locations, historical figures and pivotal moments in time. 

Recycled & Ethically Sourced Sterling Silver

We use ethically sourced or recycled 925 sterling silver in all silver jewellery and as the base metal for all gold vermeil jewellery. Temple’s silver jewellery is nickel-free and bears a 925 hallmark, guaranteeing both quality and authenticity.

Ethical 18K Gold Vermeil

Our use of 18K gold vermeil ensures not only the golden beauty of our jewellery, but also its durability. Gold vermeil jewellery boasts a significantly thicker layer of gold compared to traditional plated or costume jewellery, measuring at least 2.5 microns in thickness on top of a sterling silver base. Temple encourages conscious consumption by offering a replating service, allowing wearers to cherish their pieces for longer.


Temple’s solid gold jewellery collection is proudly designed and handcrafted in-house in our Byron Bay studio. Here, we present more than just jewellery; we unveil modern heirlooms destined to endure generations, a testament to our brand's values and inspirations. These pieces intertwine seamlessly with everyday life, forging an intimate bond between wearer and creation. 

Our talented team of skilled artisans transform Kimberley Process certified natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, conflict-free natural gemstones and RJC-certified 9K, 14K, and 18K solid gold into unique fine jewellery, engagement rings, one-of-a-kind rings and bespoke pieces. Each creation is a testament to our commitment to responsible sourcing so our wearers can enjoy their beautiful pieces with peace of mind.

Diamond Jewellery

Experience the allure of diamond necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. Whether you resonate with natural or lab-grown diamonds, our conflict-free and Kimberley Process-certified stones are a testament to your values.

Learn more about our diamond offering in our full diamond guide.

Temple Bespoke Rings

Our temple bespoke rings tell stories of rarity and uniqueness. Featuring rare star and parti-sapphires, salt and pepper diamonds, Greenland rubies and more, each ring allows you to express your individuality. Set in solid gold, these treasures showcase natural gemstones so unique that they can’t be replicated in an identical design.


Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands

Temple reimagines the concept of ceremonial jewellery altogether in its distinctly modern ancient aesthetic, for couples seeking to honour their unique connection with an equally distinctive design. Marrying archetypal symbols, breathtaking gemstones and diamonds together with contemporary design features, these exquisite pieces are destined to be treasured and passed down for lifetimes. 

Temple offers a curated collection of solitaire, toi et moi, and limited one-of-a-kind engagement rings to celebrate life’s most significant moments. Handcrafted in 14K and 18K gold in our Byron Bay studio, our clients are offered the opportunity to customise their chosen pieces with Kimberley Process certified natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds or conflict-free natural gemstones, sourced locally in Australia wherever possible. Our unisex wedding bands, adorned with hidden love knots or chevron detailing, symbolise the unbreakable bond of love.


Bespoke: Temple’s Most Individual Offering Yet

Temple’s bespoke jewellery pieces are made in the Byron Bay studio, offering a high level of personalisation and storytelling unique to each wearer’s journey; whether they choose to co-create a new design or customise an existing design. Temple’s bespoke jewellery often features personal details that are invisible to others, such as diamonds and love knots on the inside of ring bands, or hidden engraved messages.

Learn more about our bespoke design process here.


Temple Heritage: Discover Temple of the Sun’s DNA 

Embark on a journey to our Istanbul Grand Bazaar studio, where Temple Heritage was born. This collection is a tribute to the unparalleled craftsmanship of Turkish goldsmiths, drawing inspiration from founder Yonna Derofe's Turkish heritage. Utilising exclusively 22K solid gold, these ancient techniques breathe life into motifs, stones, and talismans, many of which were collected by founders Derofe and Darren Gallant during their travels, and have inspired signature hallmarks of Temple of the Sun jewellery. As beautiful to the eye as they are to wear, this collection captures the perennial desirability of gold, handcrafted using techniques that date back thousands of years and aren’t widely used outside of the Grand Bazaar.