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Greca's Ancient Greek Inspiration Brought to Light

Greca's Ancient Greek Inspiration Brought to Light

In the heart of Temple of the Sun's latest demi-fine collection, Greca, lies an undeniable connection to the ancient world of Greece. Inspired by the alluring beauty of archetypal symbols like the Greek key, oceanic shapes and timeworn vessels, this collection takes a bold step into the past while embracing the future.

Chunky Chains Inspired by Ancient Jewellery

The chunky chain, a quintessential feature of ancient necklaces, has been reimagined in Greca. These bold, rounded links serve as portals to the past, inspiring the present. In ancient Greece, chunky necklaces featured intricate designs inspired by nature or mythology, reflecting the culture's values and beliefs.

Adorn the Hera Necklace or Olympus Necklace for a bold statement.

The Greek Key or Meander Symbol

At the heart of Greca's design, you'll find the Greek key motif. Known as the "meander" or "key" pattern, it's a symbol of endless continuity and unity. The Greek key represents the eternal flow of life, making it the perfect addition to this collection. It's not just a design; it's a philosophy. Find this powerful symbol in the Greca Necklace, Greca Earrings and Greca Pave Necklace and evoke resilience and strength.

Ancient Greek Inspiration

The contours and shapes that define our Greca collection draw inspiration from the timeless elegance of ancient Greek pottery and architecture. Just as the Greeks masterfully sculpted their clay vessels and adorned their buildings with intricate detailing, our designs pay homage to their artistry. The contoured lines in the Flow Necklace not only evoke the aesthetics of ancient Greek pillars but also serve as a bridge between the past and the present, infusing every piece in the collection with a sense of history and enduring allure.



Seraph Symbolism

In ancient cultures, angels represented messengers of divine wisdom and protection, and the Angelique necklace captures this ethereal essence. The delicate, angelic wings that grace the design symbolise guidance, enlightenment, and protection, just as angels were believed to provide in times of need.

The Shell Symbol

As you delve deeper into Greca, you'll encounter the delicate shell motif. In ancient Greece, the shell was a symbol of the sea, birth, and the ever-changing nature of life. It's a reminder that life, like the tides, is in a constant state of flux. Each piece adorned with the shell motif carries with it the mystique of the sea and the promise of transformation.

Embrace the timeless beauty of shells with the Spire Earrings, Spire Necklace and Echo Earrings.

Sword Symbolism

The Valor Necklace and Valor Ring, featuring a powerful sword symbol, pay tribute to the profound significance of swords in ancient symbolism. Throughout history, swords have symbolized strength, courage, and honor. In many cultures, they were seen as tools of protection and symbols of bravery. Our Valor pieces encapsulate this rich heritage by incorporating the sword symbol, reminding wearers of their inner strength and the courage to face life's challenges with grace.

Greca is a testament to the beauty and allure of ancient Greece and its rich cultural heritage. From the symbolic Greek Key and shell motifs to the elegant architecture-inspired contours, Greca brings a touch of history and modernity together. Whether you're drawn to the timeless elegance of sword jewellery, the fiery passion of garnet rings, or the feminine allure of shell earrings, our collection invites you to adorn yourself with pieces that tell stories of power, courage, and transformation.