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The Alchemy of: Sarah Shabacon

The Alchemy of Sarah Shabacon

Sarah Shabacon is our ultimate Temple muse. The Canadian mother of two founded beautifully curated Boheme Goods in 2016, evolving the business into the slow fashion label it is today. Sarah's hand-made pieces are intentionally created in her homeland in effortless silhouettes with the beauty of every body in mind. In addition to her successful entrepreneurial endeavours, Sarah is also a community builder and nurturer, using her platform to educate and connect around important issues close to her heart.

This series is all about the women around us, who uplift and inspire.

An opportunity to reflect and honour our unique beauty and celebrate the journey of transformation that has taken us to where we are today, and where we are going.

Recently we sat down with Sarah to learn about her unique journey of transformation and why the courage and strength of the Lion will accompany her as she embarks on her next challenge.

What is it that you dedicate your time to?

Being present

What inspires you?

Humanity as a whole honestly, we are all living entirely different lives and doing our best to thrive and make connections with one another. I'm inspired by the teacher who doesn't get paid much but pays out of pocket for what their students need, the parent raising 4 children who always shows up for them no matter how hard life gets, and by those who flee their country for a better life and never give up.

What makes you unique?

Physically my gap, emotionally my empathy.

We're all on our own unique journey of transformation, what are your most treasured moments of significance?

The most treasured moment of significance for me was shortly after Ziggy was born. I spent endless hours sewing for my small business I started but could never seem to profit at, I had no vehicle and was going into debt buying groceries. Although I had appeared successful with features in magazines and a collaboration with Free People, the fact of the matter was that I was exhausted, broke and felt like I was missing my son's childhood.

I decided to try my hand at selling vintage and after a few months I recognized my talent for sourcing quality pieces and closed my first business to open a new one - Bohème. My stepmom gifted me her old VW so I could get around and from there I sold vintage for 3 years - with both my sons by my side.

I launched my first made to order collection the same week the global pandemic was declared and the support from friends and customers blew me away. The timing of it was a blessing as my husband lost work for over half a year and the tailor I had hired to sew for me had to close down her shop.

I was able to support my family through the scariest time of our life and also support Carmen - the incredible tailor who helped bring my dreams to life. Carmen was then able to hire a man who had fled Syria and just arrived in Canada with his young family who had experience sewing and needed work. It was a beautiful butterfly effect.

The Leon Necklace is symbolic for the strength I never knew I had and for the strength I've yet to gain.

What is a new challenge you would like to take on?

In 2018 I had set everything in motion for a childrenswear label called ' Suns of The Surf' that I planned to design with my sons. I was too scared to go further than the idea and so as of this past week I contacted my manufacturer here in Canada and asked if they had room for a new client and they did! It's a challenge I look forward to.

What are your favourite rituals/how do you honour yourself?

Rituals can be hard to come by when you're a parent so I try to make the mundane special... by turning on an album I love while I wash the dishes or stretching silently in the dark once everyone's asleep and then rolling on some lavender oil before climbing into bed.

We've seen you in the Leon Necklace, what unique meaning does it carry for you?

Leon is symbolic for the strength I never knew I had and for the strength I've yet to gain.

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