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Unveiling the Journey: A Guide to Choosing Your Engagement Ring

Unveiling the Journey: A Guide to Choosing Your Engagement Ring

Choosing or designing your own engagement ring is a journey of love and personal expression. At Temple of the Sun, we are dedicated to helping you create a unique symbol of your commitment with a meaningful heirloom crafted to last this lifetime and beyond.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the essential steps to craft your perfect engagement ring, whether you choose from an existing design or opt to dream up a bespoke creation.

the illume ring
1. Discover your style

Begin by discovering your desired engagement ring style. Explore different aesthetics, such as the classic solitaire, toi et moi, or modern sapphire rings. Consider your partner's preferences and envision the ring that will capture their heart.

Single-stone diamond rings speak to those entranced by the timeless beauty of minimalist design. while toi et moi rings symbolise the unity of two souls embarking on a shared path with two stones intertwined. Vibrant gemstone rings colour outside the lines of the traditional, with midnight blue sapphire rings making a popular alternative to diamonds, thanks to their mesmerising hue and hardiness as a gem, second only to diamonds.

Engagement rings can also embrace unique and alternative styles that express individuality and creativity. These rings may feature unconventional gemstone choices, non-traditional settings, asymmetrical designs, or artistic elements. They are perfect for those looking for a truly one-of-a-kind piece that breaks away from traditional norms.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Toi et Moi Rings

Sapphire Engagement Rings


2. select a Gemstone or diamond

Choosing the perfect gemstone for your engagement ring is a significant decision. Let's delve into the differences between natural mined and lab-grown diamonds, and explore the suitability of various gemstones for engagement ring settings.

Natural Mined Diamonds:
Natural mined diamonds are formed deep within the Earth over millions of years. True natural wonders, they are revered for their rarity, incandescent beauty, and enduring value. Mined diamonds undergo a meticulous grading process based on the 4Cs (cut, color, clarity, and carat weight) which you can read more about in our in-depth diamond guide.

Lab-Grown Diamonds:
Lab-grown diamonds, also known as synthetic or cultured diamonds, are created in a controlled laboratory environment. They possess the same chemical and physical properties as natural diamonds and exhibit identical optical characteristics. Lab-grown diamonds offer a sustainable and ethical alternative, as they are not associated with mining practices. These diamonds can be equally as beautiful, and they often come at a more affordable price point, although their value is not guaranteed to endure over time in the same way as mined diamonds.

At Temple of the Sun we are proud to offer both conflict-free mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds to honour each client's unique preferences. When it comes to other gemstones, we source natural stones due to their specific properties, rarity and ancient origins.

Natural Gemstones:
Some gemstones, such as parti sapphires found in our Min Ring, are best sourced naturally due to their unique three-stone colour properties, which cannot be replicated perfectly in a lab. We source exquisite Australian gemstones including natural blue and parti sapphires, ensuring their provenance and supporting our community. Natural moldavite stones, featured in our Celestial Ring, are revered not only for their vibrant green hue but their ancient and enigmatic origins, stemming from a meteorite impact over 14 million years ago... a truly unique stone worthy of honouring an inimitable connection.

It's important to consider the durability and hardness of gemstones when selecting them for engagement rings. While diamonds are the hardest gemstone, ranking 10 on the Mohs scale, other gemstones vary in their hardness. For daily wear, it is recommended to choose gemstones with a hardness of 7 or higher, such as sapphires and rubies, instead of opals or pearls which rank below 6 on the scale and are considered too soft, especially when placed in claw-settings that expose them to the elements.

the asteria ring
the asteria ring
3. Choose the Perfect Metal

Select the metal that will enhance the beauty of your chosen gemstone and resonate with your aesthetic. Temple of the Sun offers ethically sourced solid gold options, including classic yellow gold, and bespoke creations and existing designs can be reimagined in elegant white gold, romantic rose gold and durable platinum. Here's a closer look at how different metals can affect the appearance of your engagement ring:

White Gold and Platinum:
These metals are ideal choices for diamonds graded in the colorless to near-colorless ranges (D through J on the GIA color scale). They highlight the diamond's colorlessness and allow its brilliance to shine through. White gold requires plating in rhodium to maintain its silver colour, meaning you can expect to replate your ring every 12-24 months.

Reflecting the Diamond's Color:
The colour of the metal can reflect within the diamond, impacting its overall appearance. Setting a colourless diamond in yellow prongs can cause it to appear more yellowish. On the other hand, gold and rose gold settings can enhance the colour of gemstones or lower colour grade diamonds.

Creative Combinations:
If you love the warmth of yellow gold or the romantic allure of rose gold, consider using white gold or platinum prongs or bezels to set the diamonds, paired with yellow gold or rose gold bands. This allows the diamonds to appear more colourless while retaining the aesthetic and uniqueness you desire.

the celestial ring
the juno ring
4. Explore Exquisite Settings

Discover the perfect setting that will showcase the beauty of your chosen gemstone while ensuring its security and longevity. Delve into the world of claw and prong settings, bezel settings and pavé designs.

Bezel settings seen in our Juno Ring, Blessing Ring and Adira Diamond Ring hold the stone the most securely and embrace a modern yet refined edge. The Adama Ellipse Pave Ring shines with extra sparkle thanks to its delicate shoulder diamonds set along half of the band, culminating in a striking blue spinel solitaire for an eye-catching contrast. Classic claw and prong-set style engagement rings like our Allium Amethyst Ring and Adama Sapphire Ring radiate timeless beauty with alternative stones for a truly modern ancient twist.

Our skilled artisans will guide you through the nuances of each setting, helping you find the one that harmonises with your chosen gemstone and unique aesthetic.

claw setting - the adama ring
bezel setting - the min ring
prong setting - the asteria ring
pave setting - adame pave ring
5. Establish your budget and timeframe

Consider your budget and desired timeframe for creating your dream engagement ring. Temple of the Sun offers a range of options to accommodate various budgets, ensuring that your ring is crafted with exceptional quality and attention to detail. With a range of ready to ship engagement rings or made-to-order options, tight-turn around times can often be accommodated upon enquiry.

We offer a range of engagement rings to suit various budgets, ensuring that you receive a handcrafted piece that meets your unique desires and financial considerations. When it comes to bespoke creations, our team will work closely with you to explore different options and find the perfect balance between design and affordability.

Crafting a personalised engagement ring requires time and attention to detail. Our skilled artisans dedicate themselves to creating a ring that exceeds your expectations. The timeframe for creating a bespoke ring typically ranges between 8 to 10 weeks, depending on the complexity and extent of the design. This allows us to ensure meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail in every step of the process.

the illume ring sapphire

Choosing or designing your engagement ring is a transformative journey filled with love and personal expression. By defining your style, selecting a captivating gemstone, choosing the perfect metal, and exploring exquisite settings, you will create an engagement ring that is a lasting object of devotion... the perfect way to immortalise and honour your commitment.

As you embark on this momentous journey, it's essential to consider the perfect complement to your symbol of love and commitment: your wedding band. Just like your engagement ring, your wedding bands should reflect your unique style and serve as a timeless testament to your love story.

Whether you're co-creating bespoke rings or choosing from our offering of uniquely modern ancient engagement and wedding rings, trust our skilled artisans to bring your vision to life, handcrafting an extraordinary ring that will be cherished for lifetimes.

Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings