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The Magic of One-of-a-Kind and Customisable Solid Gold Jewellery

The Magic of One-of-a-Kind and Customisable Solid Gold Jewellery

At Temple of the Sun, we believe that every jewellery piece is an extension of your personality, your story and your values. Our jewellery speaks to our wearers’ desire for expression, to honour the most significant moments of their lives and to celebrate the beauty of their own personal journey through life. By personalising their Temple jewellery or creating a bespoke piece with our team, our wearers can forge a connection that is truly their own, infused with their experiences, stories, and meaning.

Our extensive offering ensures that there is something for everyone, including customisable Cartouche pendants, bespoke pieces, and one-of-a-kind rings set with rare gemstones. Read on to discover the beauty of our personalised jewellery offerings…

Personalise Your Story with Our Cartouche Initial Necklace

Our Cartouche Initial Necklace is the perfect way to express your identity or honour your loved ones. This modern interpretation of an ancient Egyptian nameplate can be personalised with up to four initials of your choosing vertically, or one to two horizontally. The hand-carved pendant, suspended by a fine curb chain, is available in both 9K and 14K solid gold, and a love heart glyph can even be included, making it the ultimate object of devotion to treasure for generations. Initials can be featured on both sides of the pendant.

Discover the Rare One-of-a-Kind Ring Collection

Handcrafted in our Byron Bay studio, our one-of-a-kind rings showcase the natural beauty and uniqueness of each stone featured, creating a piece that cannot be replicated. Designed and handcrafted in Byron Bay, our one-of-a-kind rings are brought to life using a combination of modern and ancient techniques of craftsmanship to create instant heirlooms.



Bespoke Jewellery Service: A Journey of a Lifetime

At Temple of the Sun, we take pride in our unparalleled bespoke jewellery service. Our team of experts is here to help you create a unique engagement ring, wedding band and more from the ground up, using the highest quality materials including ethically sourced solid gold and conflict-free precious gemstones, to ensure that your piece is as meaningful as it is unique.

Customise an Existing Solid Gold Piece 

In addition to our wide range of jewellery offerings, we also offer the option to customise existing pieces. Most of our engagement rings and wedding bands can have their existing stones swapped for a lab-grown diamond, a natural diamond, or a vibrant precious gemstone, while both the Asteria Bracelet and Asteria Infinity Diamond Ring can be customised to feature sapphires, emeralds or natural diamonds, instead of lab-grown diamonds. Our team of experts is here to help you create a unique piece that perfectly reflects you and your story.

Discover the Bespoke Process

Work with our design team to create a piece that is completely unique to you in Temple of the Sun's signature modern ancient aesthetic.


At Temple of the Sun, our commitment to the beauty and power of jewellery is unmatched. We understand that every piece tells a unique story, and our personalised solid gold jewellery and one-of-a-kind pieces are a celebration of life's most meaningful moments.

Let us help you bring the personalised jewellery piece of your dreams to life right here in our Byron Bay studio, to be treasured for an eternity.