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The Meaning Behind Scarab Jewellery

The Meaning Behind Scarab Jewellery

Scarabs were revered as some of the most powerful symbols in all of ancient Egypt, adorned in necklaces and fine jewellery by both the living and the deceased. Steeped in meaning and legend, the scarab’s allegory propelled it to become one of the most universally known icons of rebirth and transformation.


The scarab was closely connected with the beetle faced god Khepri, who was believed to roll the sun across the sky every morning, in the same manner a beetle would roll balls of dung along the ground. Just as the beetle’s ball would provide nourishment for their larvae and foster life, so would Khepri keep the cycle of life revolving with the sun. An important spiritual metaphor, the scarab ultimately represented the eternal cycle of life, birth, death and ultimately, rebirth.


The scarab was adorned by the living and deceased for a myriad of reasons. Initially used as seals and amulets, they were reimagined into scarab necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings for daily wear. Realised in vibrant turquoise, amethyst, jasper and lapis lazuli designs, they were viewed as protective talismans to wear close to the skin. Inscribed with the names of gods or religious figures, scarabs were also placed within tombs or mummy’s wrappings atop the heart, considered the seat of the mind, to provide safety and guidance in the afterlife.

To this day, scarab amulets, and necklaces in particular, are universally recognised and considered an emblem of rebirth and regeneration. Scarabs resonate most with those undergoing their own personal evolution, acting as a protective talisman to provide safe passage even in the most uncomfortable moments of transformation.


The Scarab necklace is a hand brushed 18k Ethical Gold Vermeil necklace inspired by the ancient Egyptian symbol of the Scarab Beetle. Worn as a protective talisman by both the living and the deceased it was one of the most potent of all amulets, symbolising the sun, protection, transformation and rebirth.