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Understanding the Distinction Between Diamond Cut and Shape

Understanding the Distinction Between Diamond Cut and Shape

Diamonds, timeless emblems of love and commitment, each boast their own unique allure and character. At Temple of the Sun, we understand the impact nuances like cut and shape have on the beauty and radiance of a diamond. That's why we've put together a comprehensive guide together defining the two features; so that you can find the diamond that resonates with you the most.

Read on to discover the difference, and why they are important to the overall brilliance, look and feel of your future engagement ring or heirloom piece...

Traditional Diamond Shapes
Cut VS Shape

Cut and shape are often used interchangeably but they signify different features of a diamond. The cut of a diamond refers to the craftsmanship involved in shaping and faceting the diamond from its rough form. It's about the precision in fashioning the diamond to maximise its brilliance, fire, and overall appearance. The cut plays a pivotal role in determining the diamond's ability to reflect light, thus affecting its sparkle.

Conversely, the shape pertains to the diamond's overall geometry or outline when viewed from above. Shape is about the aesthetic, offering a myriad of style preferences to align with diverse tastes and love stories. Counterintuitively, the shape of a diamond is commonly referred to as the cut.

Traditional Diamond Shapes

At Temple of the Sun, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse selection of diamond shapes, each with its own narrative and appeal.

  • Princess Cut: Renowned for its contemporary and regal look, the princess cut is a square shape with sharp, uncut corners, offering a modern twist to traditional brilliance.
  • Round Cut: Timeless and adaptable, the round cut epitomises classic beauty, providing exceptional brilliance and fire.
  • Oval Cut: An elongated shape that creates the illusion of greater caratage, the oval cut is a timeless beauty.
  • Marquise Cut: With its boat-like shape, the marquise cut creates an elongating effect on the finger, making it a choice for those seeking a distinctive statement piece.
  • Emerald Cut: Recognised by its rectangular facets and elongated shape, the emerald cut exudes elegance, emphasising clarity over brilliance.
The Juno Ring Featuring a Marquise Diamond

The majority of our engagement rings can be customised with the diamond shape of your choosing.

Pictured below: the customisable Adama Ring

Princess Diamond
Round Diamond
Oval Diamond
Marquise Diamond
Emerald Diamond
Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond Engagement Rings

Unique Diamond Shapes

For those seeking something truly unique, alternative diamond shapes like the cabochon or hexagon are capturing hearts worldwide.

  • Hexagon Cut: A geometric marvel, the hexagon cut offers a perfect blend of modernity and symmetry, making it ideal for a bold, contemporary piece.
  • Round Cabochon: With its polished, rounded surface, the round cabochon cut offers a soft, lustrous appearance, ideal for a more understated, yet elegant look.
  • Elongated Hex: This unique shape combines the geometric appeal of a hexagon with an elongated form, creating a striking and unconventional appearance.

    Temple of the Sun is proud to handpick and source distinctive stones on request, ensuring that your dream engagement ring or heirloom piece can be brought to light.
The Adira Ring Featuring a Hexagon Cut Diamond
The Ori Ring, Mila Ring and Asteria Ring
The Illume Ring

Selecting the right diamond cut and shape is a journey of discovering what resonates with your story and aesthetic. We highly encourage you to schedule a ceremonial or bespoke appointment, where our experts can guide you in bringing your dream diamond to life in a pre-existing or customised design. This eye opening experience allows you to explore our range of loose stones and try on our diamond pieces, and figure out which of the 4 C's - cut, colour, clarity or carat - draw you to a particular diamond. Each of these C's significantly impacts a diamond's brilliance and beauty. To understand these 4C's in detail and explore their nuances, feel free to explore our dedicated diamond guide.