Gold Chokers & Chains

Using ethical 18K gold vermeil, we handcraft unique gold chains and chokers that pay homage to the beauty of ancient craft. All Temple of the Sun gold chains and chokers are designed in-house in our Byron Bay studio, in our signature modern ancient style.

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Ancient craft, history and narratives inspire our designs.
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Explore our exquisite gold chokers, meticulously crafted in 18k gold vermeil, offering a modern ancient aesthetic that effortlessly combines elegance with versatility. From delicate or chunky chains to symbolic or gemstone-encrusted styles, each gold choker embodies timeless beauty. Unique, desirable, and meaningful.

Gold Chain Chokers

Discover the allure of our gold chain chokers, an effortless blend of ancient inspiration and contemporary design. Our delicate chain chokers embody a sense of understated elegance, while our chunkier chains make a bold statement, exuding confidence and modernity. Perfect for layering, these short necklaces can be accentuated with mid-length to longer coin or pendant necklaces.

Gold Chokers with Gemstones

Embrace the vibrance of gemstone chokers, a harmonious fusion of beauty and symbolism. Each piece is meticulously crafted in 18k gold vermeil, creating a canvas for the natural elegance of these ancient gemstones to shine through. Symbolise your journey and aspirations with gemstone-adorned gold chokers, where each natural stone tells a story.

Symbolic Gold Chokers

Our symbolic gold Chokers go beyond adornment; they encapsulate archetypal symbols, creating a profound connection to the past while embracing the present. Consciously crafted in 18k gold vermeil, these chokers become an extension of your innermost feelings and aspirations. With our symbolic gold chokers, you can effortlessly infuse your attire with meaning and significance, celebrating the enduring allure of timeless symbols in a modern world.