Silver Necklaces

All Temple of the Sun silver necklaces are designed in-house in our Byron Bay studio and handcrafted in recycled and ethically sourced 925 sterling silver. Our silver chain, pendant, bead and coin necklaces reimagine ancient symbology into contemporary silhouettes, often set with vibrant natural gemstones. 

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Silver Chokers

Silver Chokers

Silver Pendant Necklaces

Silver Earrings

The Silver Necklace is Back.

Sterling silver necklaces are experiencing a revival right now, with more and more people discovering the allure of this beautiful metal. By wearing a sterling silver necklace, you're embracing a timeless tradition that spans centuries, and choosing a material that is sustainable, ethical, and versatile enough to suit any style.

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At Temple of the Sun, we are committed to sustainability. That's why all our silver necklaces are handcrafted using recycled sterling silver. Each piece is stamped with the 925 hallmark, ensuring exceptional quality and authenticity. Inspired by ancient craft and symbolism, our offering embodies our modern ancient aesthetic, featuring silver chokers, chains, coin necklaces, and more.

Silver Choker Necklaces

Make a delicate statement with our collection of silver choker necklaces. These pieces draw inspiration from the allure of antiquity, featuring ancient-inspired chain links and gemstones. Layer our silver chokers with silver coin necklaces or statement necklaces for an exquisite combination.

Statement Silver Necklaces

Stand out with our statement silver necklaces, designed to make a bold impression. These eye-catching pieces effortlessly reimagine ancient symbols into timeless jewelry with a contemporary appeal. Adorned with vibrant precious gemstones, our statement necklaces carry meanings that date back to ancient times.

Silver Necklaces for Layering

Express your individuality with our recycled sterling silver necklaces, perfect for creating a personalised aesthetic. Mix and match meaningful gemstones with archetypal symbols, reflecting your unique aesthetic and life journey. Each combination tells a story as unique as you.

Silver Coin Necklaces

Discover our exquisite silver coin necklaces, offering a range of unique and meaningful symbols to express your identity. These contemporary designs distill ancient coin faces, incorporating hammered, beaded, or textural details reminiscent of times long gone. Let the past inspire wonder and captivate your imagination.