Capturing the essence of growth and inspiring us to reach our full potential.

Cora pays homage to the founders’ love of ancient craft, drawing inspiration from the breathtaking landscapes and rich history of the Mediterranean region. By returning to Temple of the Sun's original DNA, Cora reconnects us with our roots and the earth, whilst also looking towards the future with renewed hope.

The collection is influenced by the archetypal symbols of protection, strength and courage left behind by ancient Anatolian, Hellenistic and Kemet civilisations. Cora reimagines the Hittite sun disc, Grecian shell and the Egyptian lotus into contemporary silhouettes, symbolising the inner strength we must summon when experiencing transformative periods of growth.

Cora’s colour palette reflects a deep reverence for the natural world, featuring gems in a myriad of azure and earthen hues that compliment Australian chrysoprase, emeralds and peridots in a spectrum of verdant tones. These shades speak to optimism, renewal, and abundance, inviting us to embrace our personal expansion.

In line with Temple of the Sun’s ongoing promise to integrity and sustainability, Cora is ethically handcrafted by skilled artisans in 18k gold vermeil and recycled 925 sterling silver with responsibly sourced gemstones.

Photography | Ming Nomchong
Muse | Taara McLaren
H&M | Amanda Reardon