Huggies Earrings

Explore our collection of modern ancient huggie earrings. Handcrafted in ethical 18K gold vermeil and recycled 925 sterling silver, Temple of the Sun huggie earrings are timeless pieces that are perfect for layering.

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How to Stack Earrings.

When styling our earring stack, we want to get creative and explore various shapes and textures, finding a harmonious balance between elegant and impactful. Whether you have freshly pieced seconds or are a seasoned stacker, we’re here to guide you curate, match and balance your perfect stack.

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Sleeper Earrings

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Huggie Earrings

We proudly present our collection of consciously crafted huggies, a fusion of modern design and ancient craft that grace your ears with timeless allure. Our collection of huggie earrings can be worn alone as a statement or layered with other earrings when worn in second and third piercings.

Unveiling the Artistry: Handcrafted Huggie Earrings

A testament to true craftsmanship, our collection of delicate huggies are forged entirely by hand. The fusion of our commitment to craftsmanship and the use of natural, conflict-free gemstones and diamonds results in pieces that resonate with elegance and integrity.

Ethically Crafted Earrings: Ethical Gold & Recycled Silver

Choosing our Huggie Earrings is a luxurious way to embrace sustainability. Crafted from RJC-certified solid 9K or 14K gold, recycled sterling silver or ethical 18k gold vermeil, these earrings are consciously crafted in a circular production cycle.

Ancient Stones: Our gemstones

At Temple of the Sun, we are proud to work with a handpicked selection of natural, conflict-free gemstones, unmatched in their brilliance and vibrancy. Find the Gemstone Huggie Earring that speaks to your aesthetic with peridot, lab-grown diamonds, Australian sapphires and more to choose from.