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How to Stack Earrings

How to Stack Earrings

When styling our earring stack, we want to get creative and explore various shapes and textures, finding a harmonious balance between elegant and impactful. Whether you have freshly pieced seconds or are a seasoned stacker, we’re here to guide you curate, match and balance your perfect stack.  

Subtle or statement

Begin by identifying whether you’re looking for a delicate, everyday stack or aiming to make a bold statement. Either way, we have a variety of carefully curated designs, from the simplest of small hoops to impactful pieces hand-crafted with deep mythology and symbolism.

Creating a simple stack of huggies and sleeper earrings

When you’re newly exploring layering your earrings, we suggest you begin with simple pairing. We adore the elegance and simplicity of a minimal hoop stack like the Daria Hoops enhanced by the textured Helix hoops. If you love this harmonious duo but would like to weave in some hues and precious gemstones, the Alessandra Earrings Sapphire pair perfectly with Chrysalis Earrings Sapphire, available in both 18k gold vermeil and ethical sterling silver.

Our Jewellery is designed to both inspire us as an individual and unite us as a collective. We invite you to get creative and begin storytelling with your stack. Each layer is a unique expression of you.

How to create a stand-out stack

When you’re ready to expand your hoop horizon beyond the simple huggie, add in some extra length and texture with either our Vulcan hoops or Kaolin Earrings. If it’s stand-out stack you’re looking for, we suggest exploring your creativity with fluent formed shapes like the Lilu Earrings or adorning yourself with deep symbolism found within statement piecesl ike the Snake Earrings or Aegean disc Earrings.

Be sure to follow the cascading rule by placing bolder pieces in your first and/or second piercing whilst you fill the remaining piercings with more understated pieces, like the Omega huggies or Leda Studs, for a harmonious blend of modern and ancient.

Statement Earrings

Statement Earrings

Huggies Earrings


Solid gold earring stacks

We have discussed this before, in our Layering Guide, but don’t shy away from interchanging materials. It’s cool to stick to one metal for a cohesive look, however, if you have a love affair with both gold and silver, we encourage you to embrace it.

We love interchanging our jewellery, especially now that we’ve introduced our first range of 9k & 14k solid gold. Whether you’re adding to a well-established heirloom collection of solid gold or looking purchase your first ever solid gold piece, we want you to know that you can complement your special piece by layering it alongside any of our 18k gold vermeil or ethical sterling silver. The key is to allow yourself to be curious when it comes to establishing your unique expression and don’t fear a little metal mix and match.

Solid Gold Earrings

Solid Gold Earrings

Tell your story

The mythology, symbolism and gemstones woven into our designs is how we resonate with, and create connection to, our jewellery. Our pieces will encourage you to enter conversation with your inner-self and connect to what it is within a piece that most resonates. We love weaving story into our stack, for example, our Ankh Earrings feature the Egyptian symbol representing the sun on the horizon, reminding us that every day begins with a sunrise. These pair perfectly alongside our Chrysalis Peridot Earrings, as peridot radiates feelings of inner warmth, wellbeing and positivity.