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All Temple of the Sun modern ancient gold hoop earrings are hand-crafted in Solid Gold, 18K gold vermeil and recycled and ethically sourced 925 sterling silver. Our selection of big and small hoops, and huggies use ancient symbology and gemstones to carry meaning.

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Ancient craft, history and narratives inspire our designs.
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History of Hoop Earrings

Hoop and huggie earrings have found a cherished place in countless jewellery collections, including ours. From a beautifully simple statement hoop to delicate stacked huggies, these earrings have cemented their status as enduring pieces of jewellery.

Read about the history of this timeless piece

Hoop earrings are a timeless statement, with a history dating back to ancient civilisations. These circular earrings have transcended eras, embodying a classic elegance that endures. At Temple of the Sun, we celebrate the rich heritage of hoop earrings while infusing them with a modern twist. Explore our diverse collection, each piece consciously crafted in gold or sterling silver to discover the hoop earrings that resonate with you.

Statement Hoop Earrings

Elevate your style with statement hoop earrings, where larger sizes meet artistic craftsmanship. Our collection features patterned, hammered and organic hoop earrings that are designed to make a bold impression. These eye-catching hoop earrings seamlessly blend ancient beauty with contemporary flair.

Small Hoop Earrings

Discover the understated elegance of our small hoop earrings, spanning huggies to mid-sized hoop earrings. Whether you prefer hammered simplicity or colourful gemstones, our hoop earrings are meticulously crafted in 18k gold vermeil, recycled sterling silver, or solid 9K and 14K gold. These delicate pieces are perfect for everyday wear and can be layered with other earrings effortlessly.

Symbolic Hoop Earrings

Our Symbolic Hoop Earrings go beyond adornment, featuring dangling symbols that are archetypal and universally recognisable. These earrings are consciously crafted in 18k gold vermeil, adding a meaningful touch to your self-expression. Discover hoop earrings featuring archways, serpents, the lotus and more, which speak to ancient concepts of rebirth and transformation.

Gemstone Hoop Earrings

Indulge in the vibrant allure of gemstone hoop earrings, adorned with conflict-free, natural gemstones. These exquisite pieces combine the classic elegance of hoop earrings with nature's colourful brilliance in the form of garnets, peridot stones and more.

How to take care of hoops?

Some of earrings are very fragile especially our hoops, therefore we ask you to handle with the utmost care when take the earrings off and on. If the earring loses its tension, you can adjust this by opening the hoop up slightly so once you place it back in your ear it will sit with a tighter fit. Please see our care instructions.